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Grocery Outlet Wine Sale November 4th-10th

grocery outletToday’s post is sponsored by Grocery Outlet, the Bargain Market. All opinions are my own.

Here’s a great sale for all the wine drinkers out there. Grocery Outlet is having a mega wine sale November 4th-10th, 2015. All wine will be on sale for an additional 20% off. I am talking cheap wine, the kind of sale you prepare ahead of time for so you can stock up. Thanksgiving is this month, and then there is the other holidays in December, Christmas or whatever you celebrate, is fast approaching and we need to be prepared if we want to save money.  Planning your buys around these kinds of sales is crucial for saving money. Grocery Outlet has a wide and unique selection of wines for all tastes with incredible prices that are always 40-70% off. These prices are so incredible as it is, so knowing there is a sale on wine for an additional 20% off already drastically reduced prices is insanity. This means that select wines will be as much as 80% off. To know that prices are going to be this good is super exciting. It almost makes me wonder how they are able to offer such fantastic prices, but I know they are awesome and that’s why they manage.

grocery outlet wine isle

Grocery Outlet is more than the best merlot wine

Grocery Outlet is the bargain outlet of choice in the Pacific Northwest, in fact Grocery Outlet Seattle location is one of the more popular locations in Washington State, according to the Google Gods. They are way more then just a wine store, even if they sell the best merlot wine around. I love how each location offers different items. For example, when I was working in Willamette Vallie in Oregon, I would stop into the Grocery Outlet Milwaukee location just to see what was new. I often found good sales cheap merlot wine and often cheaper than the best wine clubs I have found. One of my best scores though was not wine. No, it was coffee! I once was able to score (10) 2o-ct packages of New England Coffee single serve K-cups for .99 cents each!! I am working on the last package this month, and it’s been at least 4 months since that steal of a deal. And of course that locations wine and spirits selection is awesome to. I am a HUGE coffee lover. I buy coffee from them all of the time. More recently I got a couple discount coffee grinders (one to do nuts and the other coffee grinds). Grocery Outlet Bargain Market has a frozen and refrigerated section, fresh meats, canned goods, fresh fruits and much more, and it is considered an extreme-value grocery store in the US. You can get better then coupon prices at this store! Lots of unique selections to choose from, all at incredible prices.

wine sale

The cheap wine deals are fantastic

Back to the wine deals. Grocery Outlet’s wine selection is better than the supermarket wine isle, and costs much less. You are going to be able to find white wine, red wine, mascato, and many other popular flavors of wine. I mainly use wine to make sangria or for cooking. By the way, this Thanksgiving make sure to get your turkey drunk… you will thank me for this tip later. My favorite wine to get my turkey drunk with is actually a cooking wine that Grocery Outlet carries around the holidays called EDMUNDO Vino Dorado. This particular cooking wine sells out very fast at these store so when you see it make sure to pick up a bottle or 2. If you can’t find it any white wine will do.

To clarify once more.

Wine sale is an additional 20% off already drastically reduced prices.

When – November 4th-10th

Where- Grocery Outlet Bargain Market locations. 230 locations across California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington. To find your location go here

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Wine Infused Roasted Slow Cooker Turkey Breast

roasting perfect turkey

You will need EDMUNDO or a white wine of your choice found at Grocery Outlet
1-2 pound turkey breast bone in is fine ($5 coupon for whole Turkey)
Ninja 3 in 1 Cooking system (sold at select Grocery Outlet locations for around $70).



Place metal grate in bottom of Ninja 3 in 1 cooking system, add 4 cups of water. Place turkey breast on metal grate, and inject with wine using a turkey injector. Place lid on the Ninja, and turn the oven to 425, and turn the cooking dial to oven setting. Cook for approximately 90 minutes, until you get an internal tempo of 165 or the turkey time pops on the turkey breast as pictured.


  • Lisa

    When I see posts and information like this, I hate that I live in Pennsylvania with our liquor laws from the Dark Ages. We can only get wine and liquor at state owned and operated stores. Beer is sold separately, and you can’t get a 6/12 pack and a case at the same store–beer stores sell either 6 packs or cases, never both. It’s crazy!

    • admin

      Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment. I am torn on this. On the one hand I like having the laws that we do over in Washington state because I do not have to plan out my trip to go to a state operated alcohol store. On the other hand I have personally seen teenagers run out of the grocery store with bottles of alcohol, and the clerks don’t do anything about it. I have personally called the police when I see it but our force is already understaffed so its hard for them to make this a priority.

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