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Great Evergreens to Plant in the Summer

When looking for things to plant this summer, it is first important to consider what you are trying to achieve with your plantings. During the summer months certainly many people plant flowers and shrubbery that include both perennials and annuals. But one of the perfect things to look to planting in the summer is evergreen plants that will provide color all year long.

great evergreens to plant in the summer

Since summer can seem short lived many people look to fill their yard with more cheerful options that will sustain color and beauty during the winter months as well. There are quite a few plants to choose from that will accomplish this quite well. Overall late summer or early summer can be a good time for planting any evergreen if it is a young plant. However, property owners should use caution to ensure whatever evergreen plant or plants they choose to plant in the summer, it should be placed in it’s expected permanent location from the beginning. In addition guidelines for watering, fertilizing and feeding these plants during the summer months should be strictly followed. Some of these plants require specific feeding and fertilizing in the early fall as well.

For good quality evergreen plantings, the Mountain Laurel, Douglas Fir, Magnolia Trees, Cedar Trees, Thuja Bush, Cypress, White Pine, Rhododendrons and Boxwoods are all quite popular species that will stay green throughout the year. Each of these evergreens provide a different type of benefit for a home or commercial property. Some evergreens are meant to provide ground cover and ornamentation, while other evergreen trees are meant to provide shade and decoration.

As an example, the Thuja Bush, Rhododendrons, Mountain Laurel and Boxwoods are all basic plantings that decorate lawns, gardens and align walkways. But for people who are looking for more substantial evergreen trees, then Douglas Firs, Magnolia Trees, Cedar Trees and White Pines are great trees that provide shade and offer great color during the winter months. The Douglas Fir is also an excellent Christmas Tree.

When deciding what type of evergreen will work best for a home or commercial property it is usually good to plan on having a combination of evergreen bushes and trees to add color and ornamentation to landscaping. This is applicable for both residential and commercial properties.

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  • Jane Fox

    Wow, there are so many tree varieties to choose from! I’m personally partial to the Douglas Fir. I grew up with them as Christmas trees, so there’s definitely a sentimentality there. These days, though, I think they’re gorgeous and do a great job of fulfilling my personal landscaping needs (shade, essentially). Thanks for the great article.

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