Grass Fed Angus Beef is Here, Get it for $5.49 a Pound

zaycon steak

Did you know that Zaycon now offers steak? I was surprised to!

Premium Cuts of Angus, NY Strip, and Top Sirloin! Incredibly…Only $5.49 a pound!

You’ve been asking for ‘em and now they’re here. Great tasting, thick and over-sized steaks are coming your way for only $5.49 a pound! Plus if you refer your friends you get credit for their sales, making this deal even better.

Our premium, all-American Angus, NY Strips and Top Sirloin steaks are perfect for summer grilling. But, we have a limited supply of these beauties and we’ll only be offering them in select areas to those lucky folks in the great Northwest of our splendid country. And catch this…our special summer price is an incredibly affordable $5.49 a pound!

Our summer steak sale is open now and we’re taking orders. Don’t delay and don’t be left. This is an awesomely good offer that only Zaycon could make. Order yours today.

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