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Get Summer Ready With a LuLaRoe Wardrobe

My friend at Consumer Queen introduced me to the LuLaRoe line, and sent me a few items to try. I have been so excited about it that I wanted to share it with you. If you haven’t already discovered LuLaRoe (You probably have!), the company makes garments in limited patterns with only 5,000 per pattern.

The brand is perfect for summer since the fabrics are typically cotton or cotton knits, and usually light weight. They are great for layering, and I love wearing them to work because they are so comfortable. If you are a teacher then you are going to love LuLaRoe! As a traveling therapist, I find them great for layering when I enter cold spaces.

LuLaRoe is famous for their super soft leggings. There is really nothing out there that compares to them, especially LuLaRoe’s waistband, that is ultra thin and very comfortable. I  didn’t believe it at first but then I got a pair of my own. They are like butter in your hands.

lularoe consumer queen

My next favorite is the perfect tee, for it’s versatility if for nothing else. I love that it is a high low, so your butt is covered but the front is still long enough to cover you all the way. It is the perfect mom t shirt.

Irma’s are longer shirts that have long sleeves and go over your butt. I’ve been wanting to get ahold of a couple of these. They are great over leggings. They also make great swimsuit coverups for the beach when you want something a tad bit warmer.

Maxi skirts can be worn as dresses with a cute belt and jacket, or as a long skirt. I styled my maxi skirt with a brown belt, and jean jacket. Pictured in my collage above.

LuLaRoe has named a lot of their garments after women; Cassie, Irma, Carly, Amelia, and they love to come up with creative names like the Americana Irma that is incredibly popular right now.

My favorite consultant to purchase from is Melissa from Consumer Queen because she has a lot of new inventory, and she makes it fun to shop through her group.  When you join her group you will get to see her husband in leggings. He is pretty silly, and has a medical condition that causes a lot of pain. He has said that the leggings help with his pain, especially at night, so he wears them to bed.

There’s one thing I do not like about LuLaRoe, and that is they are mostly sold through popups and online “live” facebook videos. The videos are on average 2 hours long, and as a working mother I do not have time to sit around shopping for hours. I do wish there was an easier way to purchase items.

To purchase some LuLaRoe join Melissa’s group and start shopping.


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