Product Reviews Review of Muscle Therapy Foam Roller 18″

Have you ever used a foam roller? My first experience with one was during a personal training session and I just got to say I swore I’d never touch one again after that because it was REALLY painful. Fortunately for me I came to my senses and realized that a foam roller can be really useful for people in desk jobs. As a blogger I spend a lot of time at the computer and I find myself leaning into the computer screen. Leaning into and not sitting up straight  effects your spine and posture after a while. Imagine spending 8 or more hours 5 days a week at a computer. Does your back hurt? You bet it does!

foam rollerI was offered the opportunity to review a Muscle Therapy Foam Roller 18″ from GAIAM .com. I already had a larger 36″ foam roller but I love the 18″ size more because its just big enough to handle tight areas of the back without being too small yet not too large that I feel like I am trying to position it right while rolling everywhere. I also noticed this one is firmer then my larger one of a different brand. I’m not sinking into it as I am trying to do my stretches.

GAIAM states that a foam roller helps do the following

  • Helps to strengthen and tone
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Lets you self-massage trigger points
  • Includes 18″ foam roller
  • 15-minute instructional workout with James D’Silva helps you get the most from your foam roller
  • Made exclusively by Gaiam

As stated above, I am a blogger full time which means I spend a lot of time on the computer. Since starting full time 7 months ago my back has experienced soreness and using the foam roller has helped me tremendously.

In addition to the foam rollers GAIAM carries many health related products including yoga, clothing, light exercise machines and supplementation’s. GAIAM also  has a television channel called GAIAM TV  that has fitness, health and nutritional advice and encouragement.


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