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Bissel Turbo Sweeper Review – Find Out Why We love Our Bissell Turbo Sweeper

A while back, just before Christmas time we got the opportunity to review the newest sweeper from Bissel called Bissell Turbo Sweeper. Right away we, meaning my ENTIRE family, including grandparents, fell in love with it. It was quite funny because even grandpa came to the house to “try” it out.


The Bissell Turbo Sweeper is nothing fancy or overly expensive. In fact it sells for around $30 and is even available online at places like Amazon and Walmart. It isn’t that big either and it is extremely compact because it’s a stick type sweeper. It fits easily in the closet and I like that about it amongst other things.

Putting it together took less then 5 minutes and I needed no tools to do it! i love easy to assemble products. Who wants to spend hours trying to put things together. The easier the better!


Despite how small and compact it is you would be shocked if you saw it in action. I even thought about creating a video so you could see it in action but my video editing skills are lacking quite a bit of skill, so I have to pass on making videos for now. Back to the sweeper… I was surprised that it vacuums like my upright heavy duty competitors full size vacuum. In fact, after using Bissell Turbo Sweeper for a couple weeks I noticed myself preferring it over my expensive vacuum because its light weight and does a better clean up job.


I noticed that the sweeper keeps my carpets cleaner and I have to vacuum less often then if I was using my full size one. I did use it on the hardwood floors and it also did a wonderful job. Unfortunately for my family, there’s too many wet messes in the kitchen area to depend on this sweeper but it works very well in the bathrooms and hallway.

You can purchase the Bissell Turbo Sweeper in most retail stores. I have seen them at Target, Walmart, Fred Meyer and online at Amazon.

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