DIY Jelly Bean Junction Dress

Jelly Bean Junction: Hoppy Spring collection, Self Drafted Vested Dress. Fabric was found on eBay, and you can look here for fabric ideas. The fabric has the pattern printed on the dress.
The pieces will look something like this
jelly bean junction
I am combining an old blog into my main one. so this post it a bit older, and my niece is now 10 years old. You can still find these fabrics on eBay. it is a vintage fabric, but cost is minimal. I apologize for the bad photos, I do not have a way to recreate these for you due to how long ago this post was written.
My niece has been asking me every time I come over for new items. She discovered I can sew, and is definitely taking advantage of that. For a 5 year old she sure has a lot of demand.
I bought the fabric panel for a vest a couple months ago, and it’s been sitting ever since. I ended up needing a gift for her at the last minute after the mittens I was making her turned into doll gloves. I’m still not sure what went wrong with them, but they were a pain in the butt to make so I included them in her present. Gotta love raft fails 😉
Anyway, comes with the pattern already printed on the fabric. You cut the fabric pieces out, and follow the directions. I added some special features to my nieces dress to make it unique.
This fabric I took the vest pieces, and lined them. Then decided I wanted to attach a dress to it. So I cut a panel and attached a pleated larger panel to it, and then attached it all to the vest. The end result is sort of like a pioneer dress, which happened to be a request she’d made a couple weeks back.
She ended up loving the dress, and I’ve been told there has been some struggle with not wanting to take it off, EVER. The dress took less than 30 minutes to make, and it is much loved. The perfect gift to a very demanding 5 year old girl.
Make sure to cut the dress pieces out as outlined on the pattern, paying attention to size. I chose to line this dress with a thick cotton fabric, and it worked fine, but a regular lining would work to. Unfortunately, since this is an old post i cannot redo the photos to add step by step directions. i am so sorry about that!


Jelly Bean Juntion has boy and girl patterned fabric with the patterns PRINTED onto the fabric. These fabrics are very user friendly, and you do not need to have a high level of skill to use them.

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