Crestline Elementary School Needs Your Help

On Saturday, February 3rd Crestline Elementary School located in Vancouver, WA caught on fire and burnt down. The damage is so great that it is not even salvageable. I am heartbroken for the students and the staff. The damage to this school is so severe and it’s going to be very expensive to build a new school.  The Evergreen School District is already experiencing a financial crisis over the dwindling school budget and they do not have the funds to replace everything that was lost.

There is an immediate need for cash donations and school supplies. If you are not able to help with cash or school supplies another thing that works much like cash are Box Tops. Box Tops are located on many name brand food. you can see the full list of brands here 

If you can help please do NOT send anything to Emily’s Frugal Tips.

Instead, ship or donate to Evergreen School District #114  13501 NE 28th St  Vancouver, WA 98682
(360) 604-4000

If you would like to learn more about the fire and the damage the school suffered You can view The Columbian’s article here 

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