Copy Cat Chocolate Chai Tea Latte

Don’t you just love it when Starbucks comes out with new drinks? I swear every time they do my pocketbook get skinnier and skinnier. I found a new drink at Starbucks that I am in love with, but paying $4.00 7 days a week is killing my bank account so it’s got to stop pronto. If you are a fan of their Chocolate Chai Tea Latte then you are going to love my version. It tastes identical to theirs but mine has pumpkin in it to celebrate Fall. I think it’s delicious and it’s been kid tested and passed.

chocolate chai tea latte

You will need one sugar pumpkin chopped, boiled and pureed, approximately 1 cup of puree. 1 box of Chai Tea or brew tea yourself and sweeten with your favorite sweetener. 1 tablespoon sifted raw unsweetened cocoa powder. 1 cup strong extra bold coffee and approximately 1 pint almond or cows milk.

Cook pumpkin puree, chai tea and unsweetened cocoa powder until thoroughly warmed and then add in milk. Serve immediately.

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