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Club Penguin Music Disk Review

club penguin music cd

My son, Diego, had the opportunity to review a music CD from Walt Disney called The Party Starts Now. We have been blessed with the opportunity to be one of Disney’s bloggers and get to try new  products when and sometimes before they come out. My son, Diego is always so thrilled to do it.

As always, when Diego has a review HE is the one that writes up the review and it gets published on his corner of my blog called D’s Corner. Below you will find his review of the item in HIS writing style , but mom has cleaned it up so it is a little more readable 🙂

I liked club penguin before and now I like it even more because they have a music CD . When i listened to the Club penguin CD Party Starts Now i thought it wasn’t going to be good. Boy was i wrong i loved everything on the CD but my favorite song on the CD was puffle dubstep.  I was listening to dubstep mostly. 

Another reason i like puffle dubstep is because i heart Dubstep . I also have a whole bunch of puffles including THE BLACK PUFFLE WITH HEADPHONE’S!!! AND THE RAINBOW PUFFLE!!! i have more pufles but im not going to name them all, just tell you that I really love them.

The songs on the CD were THE PARTY STARTS NOW and PUFFLE PARTY and DUBSTEP PUFFLE and GHOSTS JUST WANNA DANCE and COOL IN THE COLD and finally ANCHORS AWEIGH .  The people who made these songs are by Disney but the artists are CADENCE and THE PENGUIN BAND.  My favorite artist is THE PENGUIN BAND. i really like club penguin i think Disney did a really good job on club penguin because it is so much fun and has a lot of adventure in it. The effects for the games are good.

Where to purchase: Club Penguin


Emily’s Frugal Tips was provided a copy of the item mentioned in the review for review purposes only. All opinions are the bloggers and are genuine.



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