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Checkout 51 – Upload Receipts with Participating Items and Earn Money

There is a new company called Checkout 51 and its pretty cool. You get paid for doing your normal shopping. There is not much to this deal. It really is so darn easy!! You look through the site for items you will be buying and once you buy those items during your normal shopping trips to your regular stores you upload your receipt and get paid!

Checkout 51 Offers

The site updates every Thursday with new Checkout 51 offers. I signed up to see what they were about before offering it on my readers and I  really like what I see. The offers are name brand things that we buy. Things like food and cleaning supplies.

Things in my offers area include

  • Spend $20 and upload your receipt and get $2
  • Purchase any brand of eggs and get .50 cents
  • Buy two Windex products and get $1.50
  • Buy any two Kellogg’s special K cereal and get $1.00
  • Buy any two Kellogg’s protein or breakfast shakes and get $2.00

There is SO much more and I was surprised at how many items are available that I actually purchase weekly. Things like Fage, eggs and cough drops are in my offers.

When your account reaches $20 they mail you a check! If you start today you could collect all those checks and save them for the holidays. This could help you pay for Christmas or birthday presents or even bills.

 To sign up go here or use the banner in this post.

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