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Bring Build-A-Bear Workshop into Your Home This Holiday Season

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Emily’s Frugal Tips was chosen to review another animal from Build-A-Bear Workshop. I wanted to get two points of view for my review of them. In my opinion they are the go to shop if your child wants to build their own animal. Everyone in my family loves Build-A-Bear. We’ve raised our kids around the animals and they are well acquainted with how to build their own bear in the workshop. When the kids get together they love to talk about their latest animals and the newest addition to their family of animals.
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My sister’s kids are very much into Build-A-Bear, so I wanted to get her take on the brand. My sister says
We absolutely love Build-A-Bear Workshop, it’s truly a magical place for those little ones who love stuffed animals. My daughter has never really played with baby doll’s but she does love her stuffed animals. To her they are her comfort , her pals and she can not go anywhere without one.
Build-A-Bear was inspired by a 10 year old girl named Katie who had a passion and love for bears just like my little girl. They opened there first store in 1997 in Saint Louise, MI. Today there is over 400 stores worldwide and many stuffed animals circulating around the world.
Our first experience with Build-A-Bear was about 5 years ago. My daughter instantly fell in love with the store and all the animals. We currently have about 6 different animals in the house including the reindeer which is a perfect holiday gift for any child. We really love how you can personalize your stuffed animals with different style of clothing, shoes, props and noise. I personally love how the kid’s get to build there own stuffed animal,  it’s the best part of it all, seeing twinkling little eyes and big smiles. Build-A-Bear is reasonably priced with many different price ranges to fit everyone’s budget. I would highly recommend Build-A-Bear to anyone who loves stuffed animals small and big. This store is truly amazing and magical.
We received the Rudolph Build-A-Bear for review. I had intended to give it to my niece but my 14 year old daughter saw it and snatched it up for herself. I really wanted to give it to my 8 year old niece but I couldn’t say no to my daughter so she kept it. She would probably seek revenge if she knew I am broadcasting this to my readers but, she DOES sleep with it every night 😉 That just goes to show that no child is too old for Build-A-Bear, even teenagers love them.
Build-A-Bear has many options for holiday animals, lots of clothing options and noise boxes you can place inside of your animal. Our Rudolph came with a full outfit including some really cute booties that my daughter is always losing because she takes them off constantly. Rudolph also has a blinking nose which is super cute.

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