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Boulder Chips Review

Like most people, my family are chip eaters. We typically purchase tortilla chips, just the plain ones with no flavoring since we dip them into homemade salsa or avocado dip. Boulder Canyon Natural
Foods sent me several of their new chip flavors to try with my family. We received   Avocado Oil Canyon Cut , and  Baked Sweet Potato Fries.

avocado oil

Both bags went pretty fast with having a teen and tween in the home but I didn’t care too much for either of the flavors. On the other hand the kids loved them and shared them with their friends when they were playing video games. All the kids appeared to enjoy them.

Boulder Canyon Natural Foods cares about the environment

Boulder Canyon Natural Foods is a responsible business and does its part in keeping earth healthy with good sustainability practices, by using renewable energy, caring for American rivers, recycling packaging and encouraging safe business practices.

You can find Boulder’s products at grocery stores, Amazon and on Boulder Canyon Natural Food’s website.


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