A Crutch Through the Bedroom Door – A day in Parenting

I swear god created maternal feelings so we don’t kill our children when they do stupid stuff like this. It took some real strength to not  go completely  bat shit crazy on them today.

I left for 10 minutes to run down the street to pick up some review items and when  I returned  I found a hole in my daughter’s bedroom door.

Apparently, they were fighting over the only iPod charger left  in the house. It is the only charger left because they have lost all of them and mom refuses to spend another dime on a charger. If they want more they can’t spend their allowance to get more.  The oldest pushed the youngest WHO IS ON CRUTCHES FROM A BROKEN FOOT, and a crutch went through the bedroom door.


For one, the oldest pushed her brother who’s on crutches and made him lose his balance. But its’ both of their faults and they both will be pay for this, both in punishment and in money and sweat. I figure if they had not been fighting over the charger then door would not have been damaged. So to set an appropriate punishment,  the electronics are gone and they will be repairing the door themselves with their own money that they earn.

I asked what an appropriate punishment should be through my Facebook post  here and got some great responses.

My favorite though is this one

From Jodi-“I would also make them do the repairs themselves. If they’re going to do the damage, they need to learn to fix what they mess up.”

So I decided to take Jodi’s advice and the kids will be fixing the door themselves. Any supplies they need will come from their budget, not mine.

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