7 Fall Bulbs Under $15 Each

PicMonkey CollageFall is a time when you don’t have many blooms in your landscape but there’s actually quite a few that do bloom during the colder months. Here is a list of the top 7 blooming bulbs available during the fall months that will add color to your yard.

Have you checked the price of Saffron lately? It’s extremely expensive but if you grow these rare Saffron Crocus 10 Bulbs – Rare Spice – Fall Blooming – Crocus Sativusyou can grow your own saffron and skip splurging at the grocery store. You will be amazed what saffron does to your cooking, it totally puts your cooking to a whole new level.

Want a mixture of different fall bulbs? Then this ‘Fall-Flowering Mix’ Fall Flowering Crocus – 15 Bulbs and Mauve Wonder Colchicum pannonicum Fall Crocus 1 Bulb – 13/+ cm are probably going to do it for you.

If you just want to add a bulb here and there then these single bulb orders are perfect for you Naked Lady Magic Lily 1 Bulb – Lycoris squamigera – Fall Blooming -12/14cm Bulbs and if you want a smaller batch of bulbs these 3 packs are great to Colchicum autumnale Major – 2 flower bulbs and Lycoris Red ‘radiata’ – 3 large bulbs – 10/12 cm

Need to keep the deer at bay? These Waterlily Fall Crocus Bulb – Colchicum will help.

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