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6 Reasons Why SearchRx Will Save You Money on Prescriptions

If you’ve bought prescriptions lately then you know that the price keeps going up. If you are lucky enough to have medical insurance that covers 100% of your prescription costs then you don’t need to read further. However, if you are like the rest of us, these 6 reasons SearchRx will save money on prescriptions is definitely for you.


What would you use your money on if you didn’t have to spend it all on prescriptions? I am betting groceries and all those needed things for the kids. Saving money on prescriptions is easy with SearchRx but if you don’t use it you won’t know how much you will save.

  1. You will get the best prices on literally 1000’s of prescriptions. They have over 50,000 prescriptions to choose from, so chances are very high that they have what you are looking for.
  2. You can type in the prescription you are looking for and the name brand and generics will pop up, showing discounted prices to choose from. This makes search, find, and save a cinch.
  3. Save up to 75% on the same prescriptions you pay full price for
  4. Save at over 62,000 pharmacies to choose from including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Target
  5. Never any fees, signup costs or insurance requirements
  6. SearchRx works closely with a leading benefit manager to bring you savings that empower you to pocket that money for other things

SearchRx has a mobile app as well – users can search for their prescriptions, compare prices, and get coupons on both our website as well as mobile app. (Download links here: and

SearchRx is easy to use, all you do is go to their website via your web browser or phone app and type in the prescription you are looking for. there is no registration, and you will get immediate access to a wide range of services including the ability to search prescriptions and pharmacies.

Americans spend on average $400 billion each year on prescriptions, averaging $1300 per person each year. Often people fall ill and cannot afford the prescriptions they desperately need. SearchRx helps save you up to 75% of what you would normally spend on medicine.

Sign up for SearchRx today, its completely FREE and you can save money on prescriptions right away!


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