Delivery Man in Theaters Novmember 22


What does the number 533 and sperm have in common? LOTS of children. All 533 sperm David donated 20 years ago have come back to bite him in the rear end. David finds out all 533 sperm he donated resulted in a pregnancy due to a mistake at the clinic he donated them to. Now, these kids are demanding to know who their biological father is. What will David do, he can’t possible care for 533 kids, right?

While the concept of the movie is funny there’s also a bit of heartwarming family message thrown in, after all, it’s a Disney movie.

And Disney has released the trailer below to only 533 bloggers, one of which is me 🙂 Be the first to sneak  a peak at a great new movie coming to a theater near you this November.

You’ve got to check out the trailer of this must see movie. You won’t believe your eyes.

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