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Liquid Amino Diet – Wk 1 – 13lbs Lost


As most of you already know I’m doing the Liquid Amino diet. If you would like to try this diet you can purchase the kit at a fantastic savings this week through here and save $22 but the sale ends today 7/23/12.
Week one is completed and I’m down 13 lbs.
Week one of the Liquid Amino diet was extremely hard. No processed sugar, no caffeine, no processed junk food. Yes it was hard for me. But you know what, by the end of the week I was feeling pretty successful because I did not cheat once.
Even today when we were in Seaside I did not go off of my diet. While the kids were chewing delicious cheeseburgers topped with house sauce and ketchup smashed inside a delicious sesame bun I was eating a beef patty and plain lettuce. Ok, I’ll admit I didn’t touch the plain lettuce. Now, the hamburger was definitely over calorie and fat budget. Since you’re allowed a healthy fat and several servings of meat I made up for having had the hamburger by using it as my fat intake and nearly all of my protein for the day. The rest of the day consisted of vegetables. I also walked for hours in Seaside right after our lunch. I can’t say I won’t stall or gain but I did everything I could the rest of the day to offset it. I’m feeling pretty good about starting week 2. I’m also amazed that I dropped 13 pounds my first week!
Here’s a comment of made on their Aminodiet Fan Page

7/19/12~I noticed my scale isn’t reading accurately so I’ll need to go get a new one. I’m planning to do that tonight. Today is day 4 and I have to say I want chocolate like you wouldn’t believe! I am so thankful that the job site I was at today did not lay out their board of goodies because I honestly don’t know if I could have resisted it today. Other than that addiction, I am doing great. 

*Note: I did not get the scale yet. When I looked around for a decent digital scale all the stores w
anted $35 and up. Some stores wanted as high as $100. No thanks. So I’m now using my Wi board and I’ll be looking for a good sale.

If you’re on Liquid Amino Diet you may like this recipe

Sloppy Jo’s.

1 lb lean hamburger

1 can fire roasted tomatoes

2 cloves garlic

Salt/pepper to taste


Place fire roasted tomatoes and garlic in blender and puree. Place in a skillet along with the hamburger and cook until hamburger is cooked. Add salt/pepper to taste. It’s not the same as Sloppy Jo’s but did the trick and it’s actually good.





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