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2 Week Take Control of Your Finances Bootcamp

I came out of college with a huge student loan debt and it took me over 9 months to find employment. During this time it was just my husband working, so our budget was extremely tight. I used coupons a lot which was part of the reason I started tLearnVesthis blog. Through blogging I wanted to help my local friends and family save money but I also needed to have an outlet for my boredom. While learning to budget I came across this site and signed up. It was a free 2 week course that took stock of my current debt and offered advice and encouragement to get out of it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I can’t say that I am completely out of debt, as I said, I owe a lot to the government for my student loans but it has helped me set priorities and know what to pay first. Plus it is a free course and when you are in debt the last thing you want to do is pay for a course to get out of debt.

Take Control Bootcamp offered by Learnvest offers you an easy way to log your spending so you know exactly where you can cut out extra spending. You’ll be able to see every credit card transaction, all your savings transfers, each of your paychecks and every ATM withdrawal. Additionally, you can enter all your cash transactions and–best of all–set your savings goals. You will know where every penny goes and can start saving today. And it is all free!

I challenge you to sign up for Learnvest’s Take Control Bootcamp right now. I will be doing the challenge and sharing my progress as the weeks go by.

Please leave a blog comment letting me know you will be doing the challenge. Each week I will post an update.


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