Peas in a Pod Necklace With Choice of Charm!

peas in a pod necklace

Last time my readers went crazy for this peas in a pod necklace so I thought I would post this even better deal. These are the exact ones I posted last time but this time they come with a choice of charms! You can choose a leaf or a bird! The metal comes in silver, bronze or gold. And you are able to add up to 6 peas. If you need more peas for your pod you can email them, and they can sometimes offer more depending on the designer.

peas in a pod necklace

The last time I ordered this necklace it came within 2 weeks. So if you order now you should get it before Christmas. Shipping is $1.99 for the first item, and there is a discount for additional items. To create your Peas in the Pod Necklace just click on this link here.

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