$6 for G6 Airpark in Vancouver WA

G6 Airpark has a Groupon deal today. Pay just $6 for 1 admission

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$75 for up to 10 people (M-F only)

The group deal would be perfect for a birthday party or play group.

Here’s what G6 Airpark says about itself

“At G6 Airpark, patrons of all ages bound safely between the open-jump arena and sports-based courts that comprise the 12,000 square-foot indoor trampoline park. Interconnected trampolines bordered by neon-green pads stretch from wall to wall, encouraging guests to defy gravity’s demands as they spring into the air. On the dodge-ball court, jumpers fly while skirting air-filled orbs flung from opposing teams, and on the basketball court they vault over the rim, slam dunking.” (G6 Airpark)

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