Disney’s “Create TOMORROWLAND” – XPRIZE Challenge for Youth 8-17!!!

Starting next month, XPRIZE is launching a video contest for 8-17 year-olds to imagine world-changing technology of the future inspired by the upcoming Disney movie TOMORROWLAND!!! Six Winners will have a once–in-a-lifetime mentorship experience with a leader in their area of interest. In addition, each winner will receive a $3,000 check, a 3D … [Read more...]

10 Must Have Frozen Toys for Little Girls

The Frozen movie is all the hype this holiday season with it being on pretty much every little girl's list of gifts they must own. Here are 10 must have Frozen toys every little girl will want this holiday season. With Black Friday this week you can get most of these during Black Friday sales, and come out without having broken your budget. Did I … [Read more...]

Disney Planes Fire & Rescue DVD Review & Giveaway #MIHeroeFavorito

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Disney Studios. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Si bien este post forma parte de una campaña patrocinada con Latina Mom Bloggers y Disney Studios , las opiniones expresadas son mías. Esta advertencia se hace en cumplimiento de las Directivas de la Comisión Federal … [Read more...]

Frozen Disney Movie Soundtrack Review and Giveaway

Oh my gosh the Frozen Disney Movie was probably my favorite movie this year. It was so darn cute. And the music is just so adorable. Do you want to build a snowman.... I was so excited when Disney told me I was getting the frozen soundtrack. So excited that when it arrived I hid it from the kids. I did that because I knew if they found it I would … [Read more...]

Disney ihome Dual Alarm Clock Giveaway

Emily's Frugal Tips Welcome to the Disney Ihome Dual Alarm Clock Giveaway Hosted By: The Real Frugal Divas The holidays are fast approaching and we are in a very giving and generous mood. To kick off the upcoming holiday season why not treat one of our fantastic readers to this awesome giveaway for a Disney iHome Dual Alarm Clock designed to go … [Read more...]

New Disney Movie – Frozen, Coming to Theaters November 27, 2013

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Review of Disney Epic Mickey 2: the Power of Two

For our holiday gift guide we were given a copy of Epic Mickey 2: the Power of Two for my son to review in his new corner of the blog titled D's Corner. We chose a copy for our Xbox 360 since Diego does not have a lot of games for that game console. Epic Mickey 2 is rated E for everybody, so any age group can play the game. The new Disney … [Read more...]

Frightful Halloween Recipes From FRANKENWEENIE

Check out these frightful Halloween recipes in perfect time for FRANKENWEENIE which will be released in theaters on October 5th!  My kids are so excited to see this movie and we get to go on Monday so we can come back and tell all of you about it!! Take a look at these recipes and then head down below to get a sneak peak at the trailer and some … [Read more...]

FrankenWeenie Sweepstakes – Win a Disney Vacation!

I am so excited for this sweepstakes. You better believe I am entering  and I am also praying that I win. My youngest has wanted to go to Disneyland during Halloween forever but we have never been able to do it due to schedule conflicts. Free would definitely make it easier to accommodate his need:) Enter to win Grand prize of "One (1) Grand … [Read more...]

Family Vacation on a Budget Review & Giveaway

As a family, we love to take vacations but as a college student I was not able to do it very often as there was a lot of homework and responsibility associated with my degree program. Since graduating we have been on a few vacations around Oregon and Washington State. We even froze our behinds outside while we camped at the ocean once. I do enjoy … [Read more...]