Edible Container Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

Here are some edible container garden ideas if you live in an apartment or town home. Absence of space is no longer an excuse since many modern vegetable varieties are perfect for growing in containers, window boxes, rooftop or patio. You can always consult container vegetable gardening books for more ideas. I use The Vegetable Container Bible for … [Read more...]

The Best Way To Grow Asparagus

 Best Way to Grow Asparagus There are a few ways you can grow Asparagus but I find that one way is better than the others. I will explain my reasoning of course, but first a few important facts about growing Asparagus for the modern day gardener. Growing asparagus seed in your garden is a great way to frugally add more green veggies in your … [Read more...]

Salad Bar Garden Plans

So you want to start a salad bar garden? Me to! There I was in Fred Meyer trying to decide between butter lettuce, Romain, or red leaf lettuce, knowing full well that the only one I would probably actually eat was the butter lettuce. I just don't like the taste of store bought, and have you seen the size of them? They are TINY, and expensive. Then … [Read more...]

The Best Plants to Welcome Spring

Spring is a season of fresh air, sun, and new growth. Trees begin to sprout leaves and the world sheds its winter gloom and slowly blossoms into color. To help add life to your home, here are some of the best plants to welcome spring! Hanging baskets can dress up a front porch nicely. Petunias are great for baskets, and come in varying hues … [Read more...]

Great Evergreens to Plant in the Summer

When looking for things to plant this summer, it is first important to consider what you are trying to achieve with your plantings. During the summer months certainly many people plant flowers and shrubbery that include both perennials and annuals. But one of the perfect things to look to planting in the summer is evergreen plants that will provide … [Read more...]

Growing Different Types of Peas in Your Garden

Growing peas in your home vegetable garden is easy and a great way to add fresh vegetables to your daily diet. Most gardeners become familiar with a single type of pea and don’t try anything different because they are unsure or unaware of how to grow them. There are several different types of peas that you can grow in your garden, some of which you … [Read more...]

Tips for Growing Radishes

  Radishes are a great vegetable to grow if you are looking for temperature and season specific crops to add to your garden. The rapid growth rate of radishes makes it possible to use them as a second crop where you have already grown and harvested other vegetables in the same garden space. They prefer cooler weather, so early spring and … [Read more...]

Tips for Growing Beets

Beets are a great summer root vegetable that can be used in different ways, and used throughout the fall and winter months if stored or preserved properly. Growing beets gives you both root and leafy greens to add to your diet, and they are easy enough for children to lend a hand. With so many different types of beets available to the home … [Read more...]

Growing a Lemon Scented Garden

A highly fragrant garden doesn’t just happen by accident, but involves careful planning and plant selection by the gardener. Citrus scented plants add an uplifting element to any garden, even just a couple citrus scented plants can change the entire scent experience of a garden. Try adding all, or just a couple, of these lemon scented … [Read more...]

Vegetable Garden 2014 Update

I've been hard at work the last couple weeks prepping the vegetable garden and getting the early veggies bedded. We've got purple cabbage, tomatoes, an eggplant, a couple bell peppers and a jalapeno. There's a few squash planted but I have a few more to get in the beds this month. I still have lots of seed to lay down in rows that you can see in … [Read more...]