Confront Your Fears – Largest Haunted House in the Pacific Northwest Took Emily’s Frugal Tips Crew Down!

I swore I would never enter a haunted house ever in my life [ except the one at Disney which did scare me a little] and then it happened. My crew got invited to check out Confront Your Fears in Vancouver, WA. At first I was like are you smoking something. There is just no way I'm doing that. But then I got to talking to my daughter and she … [Read more...]

Zoo Light’s at the Oregon Zoo

This was our first Zoo Light's experience and we weren't sure our children would enjoy the show because these days it is hard to know what they will like, but according to the Zoo, there is over one-million LED lights displayed, and as soon as we set foot in the parking lot we were immediately¬†mesmerized¬†by the wonderland the Zoo had become , and … [Read more...]