Vesttech Anti-Radiation Shields for Laptops, Cellphones and Microwaves

We are trying something a little different this week from Vesttech Anti-Radiation Shields for headphones, microwave, and laptops! Tested & approved up to 98% less radiation exposure when wearing these nifty headphones. Up to 92% less radiation exposure with laptop radiation shield, and up to 78% less radiation exposure when using the … [Read more...]

Get More Restful Sleep With GhostBed Mattress & Foundation

Emily's Frugal Tips recently partnered with GhostBed to try out their new GhostBed mattress and foundation. My daughter had been sleeping on an old worn down pillow top mattress that was handed down to her from a family member for quite some time. We knew it was time to replace it when she started getting back aches. Luckily we found GhostBed and … [Read more...]

My Pancakes Taste Different Today Blog Tour & Giveaway

I have always had a love for children's books, and my kids had every children's book they asked for because for me reading was most important. I would rather my kids be reading a good book than playing a video game or watching television. My Pancakes Tate Different Today! Authored by Wood and Bruce Galpert is a wonderful story about a boy in love … [Read more...]

How to Prevent Fish Smell in the House with Hefty

If you have been following my blog since the beginning then you know my husband likes to go fishing a lot. With the wonderful fish he brings home comes a deep, nasty stank that is hard to contain without the right kitchen trash bag. Believe me, I have tried MANY brands and have found that most leak and do not contain smells very well. The worst … [Read more...]

STAPLES Launches Cosmic Black Floral Collection – Cynthia Rowley

Teens entering college this year can choose from a wide selection of Cynthia Rowley school and office supplies at STAPLES that will personalize their college style. Cynthia Rowley has created everything from notebooks, pens, and organizers to day planners in stylish patterns. Her new Cosmic Black Floral Collection is by far our favorite so … [Read more...]

Mockmill For KitchenAid

There are many benefits to owning the Mockmill For Kitchenaid, the greatest is the ability to grind fresh flour for baked goods. As most of you know I started this site back in 2011 as a frugal and couponing site. I saw a need in my community to help people learn to use coupons but also to live within their means while not sacrificing the … [Read more...]

Cutting Out The Chemicals With Mrs Meyers Household Cleaners

We have been trying to add more essential oils to our home in order to boost our immune system, and cut back on harmful chemicals. Frankly, I am getting sick way too often these days, so I needed to start thinking about how to avoid getting sick, and that really winds down to boosting my immune system and keeping things cleaner. For the South back … [Read more...]

All Good Organic Skincare Gift Set

Taking care of mom is difficult when a new infant comes into the picture, but self-care in important. That's why I have teamed up with All Good Organic Skincare.   New moms often have a difficult time finding time for themselves. I remember when my teens where infants I never slept, and I was always in need of a shower. After family went … [Read more...]

Dreft Infant Detergent & Catherine Lowe Partnership #Amazinghood Giveaway

This post is a sponsored collaboration between DiMe Media and Dreft. All opinions in this blog post are my own. Did you know that millennials make up about 90% of the population of mothers in the United States? That's a lot of 30+ year old mothers roaming around. From what we know about this generation of moms, Millennials do pregnancy … [Read more...]

Orkin Mosquito Summer Scientist Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Orkin but the opinions in this post are my own. About Orkin At Orkin, we use the latest technology and unparalleled training to develop an effective treatment that's right for your needs. To learn more about our pest control based in science or to schedule an inspection, visit or call 1-800-800-ORKIN. My … [Read more...]