Five Things You Should Wait to Buy Until After School Starts

Getting ready for back to school season is a nightmare when it comes to buying things and that is only multiplied if you have multiple kids. Finding ways to save money becomes absolutely necessary. One thing we noticed over the last several years is that some items are cheaper before school starts while others drop in price drastically after school … [Read more...]

Create a New Look For Your Teen With a New Designer Living Bed Set

I don't need to remind you that your kids are growing up fast. I am sure that you discovered that this summer while going through their clothes. I am sure you discovered half of those clothes are now too small. I get it. I have kids myself. I have teens, and their styles and taste are constantly evolving as they age. One thing that parents often … [Read more...]

5 Totally Clever Ways to Help Your Child With Homework

School is upon us and as parents, we have a ton of things on our plate. From changing up our morning routines, to shopping and getting to know teachers, we have our work cut out for us. To really make it through this whole back to school thing, we have to find ways to save us time and to maximize our kid’s success. One direct way to do that is to … [Read more...]

Back to School: 5 Specific Pokemon Go Learning Opportunities

Pokemon Go is officially unavoidable at this point and we as parents have our hands full. The game is everywhere and it is red hot. As parents, we need to find a way to leverage this Pokemon Go mania! Because the game is based around some pretty awesome platforms, we have a built in opportunity to teach our kids while they play. In fact, some … [Read more...]

Budget Friendly Back to School Lunch Solutions

With the kids headed back to school and summer winding down, everyone is looking for solutions to save money. One of the most overlooked areas to save money is in the kitchen. Some parents send lunches with kids to school while others pay for them in the cafeteria. Regardless of how you handle back to school lunches, there are opportunities to save … [Read more...]

Five Easy Tips To Save Money On Back To School Supplies

If you are like most parents, you are already feeling the crunch of school supplies. This time of year sends all of us searching for ways to save money on a tight budget. The school supplies lists are not getting any shorter, right? Fortunately, there are a number of really easy tips to save money that you can take advantage of. Here are some that … [Read more...]

How to Use Pokemon Go App to get Your Kids to be More Active

If you are like most parents, you probably groan every time you hear your children talking about the latest game they have playing. Your initial reaction is likely, "Great. Another distraction to keep my kid on the couch and staring at that screen all day." Most parents have been there. Unfortunately today's technologically centered world is great … [Read more...]

Five Tips on How to Read Successfully to Your Child

What's the most important thing you would like to develop in your child? For a lot of parents it is to build intelligence. Did you know that the importance of reading at an early age is essential to building intelligence? Learning to read, and having access to a wide range of books at an early age is essential to language development in children. … [Read more...]

Parents: 5 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Teen

Once your child reaches that lovely age of tween and teen days you have to start tweaking your parental ways a wee bit. No more is your child really a little kid anymore and with that comes the need to let go of your parental reign a little to allow your child to form into a pre-adult who is nearly ready to be on their own with a few short … [Read more...]

Affordable College Admissions Advice for Teens

LifeLaunchr and TeenLife Announce Partnership to Offer Affordable College Admissions Advice for Teens For many of my readers there kids are going to be heading off to college in the next few years. In fact, many of my readers have teens already graduate or graduating high school this year. It's so important to get a head start on college so our … [Read more...]