Halloween for Special Needs Children

This year, like countless other times, millions of children in the United States will dress down in their favorite super hero, monster, princess or other costume and head out to beg for candy while their parents wait at the foot of the door waiting for them to get their treat. Like many families that celebrate Halloween, ours too, will be … [Read more...]

Meet My Husband, the Fisherman…

You know the old saying… Husbands are good for one thing and one thing only. I don’t  believe that but hey, if husbands are good for one thing and one thing only; it’s to bring home the bacon. In my case, mine brings home the fish; salmon, steelhead, trout, you name it and he brings it. Actually, he did bring home bacon a couple times to … [Read more...]

Frugal Living – Garage Sale Tips

This weeks frugal living article is on garage sales.  I have  been going to sales since I was a little girl. My mom would pack us all in her tiny little car and we’d drive around for hours scoring the best deals. Of course that was back when gas was a small amount of the budget and families could splurge on what has now become a burden but … [Read more...]

I won, We Have a Sofa!

You may remember that when we moved into our new apartment I threw out our sofa set and only kept the overstuffed chair. The 4 of us have been fighting over who gets to sit in that chair ever since we moved in. If it’s movie night the kids will fight us for the seat. If my husband has a rough day at work he will fight me for the seat. It has become … [Read more...]

Back 2 School Tips on Saving

School’s out and the kids are at home driving you nuts. If you’re like me you probably started looking into summer camps days before school even let out. C’mon just admit it, you know you did. I’ll admit it if you do :) But what you really should be doing is making a plan for back to school shopping. Have you even started thinking about back two … [Read more...]

Food On The Table Meal Planning Tool is FREE for LIFE!!!

Meal planning saves my family hundreds of dollars each month when combined with the use of coupons and sales. That’s why this is such a HOT deal! Today when you sign up for Food on The Table and enter promo code SUMMERFREE you’ll actually get it free for LIFE! Yes, that’s right you will get it free for life. I’m choking back tears because I just … [Read more...]

Save on Automotive Repairs & Services

I’m one of lucky ones because my husband can do most mechanical work himself but we still have to hand over money for the parts, tools, and other supplies needed. Parts can easily add up to hundreds of dollars and tools are an easy $10-$100 each. It’s still cheaper to do the work yourself, of course, but the parts and supplies needed to complete … [Read more...]

iWireless by Fredmeyer/Kroger Review

>For those of you who follow my Facebook page you likely know about my recent teenage drama-cell phones. To make a long story short, I had a contract with Sprint for 2 Android’s and a regular text friendly phone for my daughter that I was paying around $165 for. I wanted to find a way to cut my bill and since Sprint was not offering any help in … [Read more...]

Frugal Living Tips – Fruits & Vegetable Waste

   Through these frugal living tips, I have a confession to make. Does this picture look familiar? I wonder how many times you’ve pulled rotten vegetables and fruit from your fridge. Too many times I’ve bought vegetables and let them rot because I have forgotten all about them. Not only am I not eating them because I forget that they … [Read more...]

Frugal Style: Saving on Food Staples

We all have certain food staples that make up our kitchen, but not everyone’s kitchen are created equal. I cook a lot from scratch so naturally we use less boxed goods than someone who needs to produce quick meals. In my kitchen I could not get far without my spices, herbs, stock, broth, grains, beans, and oils. I cook with several types of oils … [Read more...]