The Big 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guideWelcome to this year’s 2015 holiday gift guide! Gosh, I have been working on this guide nonstop since the beginning of October, and I am so excited to be unleashing it today. I hope that this guide will serve as a place that you can come and look for hot gift ideas for everyone in the family. I will be adding to this year’s 2015 holiday gift guide weekly so definitely make sure you are checking back. You can bookmark this page, join our mailing list, like us on Facebook so you never miss a good deal, or follow us on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. We hope that you love this year’s gift guide, and that you will share it with your friends and family. *This year’s guide may contain affiliate links, brand sponsorship, or other ways of compensation. Please know that any money made from this guide helps pay for the upkeep of this site, and the time invested in putting guides like these out there. With all of that said, all opinions are mine, and Emily’s Frugal Tips does not share products or services with her readership unless it is something she loves herself.  Happy holidays everyone!

2015 Holiday Gift Guide


ATTENTION COMPANIES: Do you have a gift idea that you think Emily’s Frugal Tips readers would want to know about? Feel free to send me an email with the details I will respond usually within 48 hours if it is something I think my readers would want to know about. DEADLINE TO ADD PRODUCTS TO THIS GUIDE IS DECEMBER 5TH, 2015. AFTER THAT DATE NO NEW PRODUCTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

gifts for her

We all know that one person, particularly, that ONE female person who has it all. I mean she has EVERYTHING. What do you buy someone who has everything under the sun? I have compiled a list of gifts for women who have everything. There is also some gifts for the average women, gifts for mothers, gifts for aunts, and sisters, and any other women you might need to buy for.

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toys for children

The great thing about buying gifts for kids is they pretty much love anything that is wrapped in pretty wrapping paper. It’s true, you know it is. Teens on the other hand. Well, teens are an exceptions. Even if they love the gift they get a teen is not going to admit it to you. Not unless the teen is just naturally polite or having a really, really good day. I have some great teen gift ideas for you. There is plenty of children’s gifts to look through to. I even included a some baby gift ideas for new moms or family members buying a gift for an infant that just came into the picture.

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for the guys

Guys can be so difficult to buy for. I know from experience that when it comes to buying gifts for dudes it just sucks. Last year, the hubby seemed to only want fishing gear, so I focused on that. Whatever the men in your life are into hopefully something on this list will intrigue him. These means gifts have a lot of variety, and will be updated whenever I find them next best things for they guys in my life. Plus, you probably are shopping for dads, grandfathers, brothers, and even coworkers who need gifts. I have some great dad gifts on this list to.


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gifts for our beloved petsPets are such an important part of Americans lives

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These family book reviews will help you find the perfect book for that family member who is a reader. New parents love books for their little ones, and these books make great children’s gifts as well. and really, any books that focus on the family will show you care. You can never go wrong with a DIY household book for new home owners, and homestead books are great for families that recently moved on acreage or own a farm. Don’t forget that a nice bottle of white or red wine, and a good book can work well for a coworker gift as well.

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