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Tips for Growing Radishes



Radishes are a great vegetable to grow if you are looking for temperature and season specific crops to add to your garden. The rapid growth rate of radishes makes it possible to use them as a second crop where you have already grown and harvested other vegetables in the same garden space. They prefer cooler weather, so early spring and the end of the summer, well into fall, are a great time to sow their seeds. A single crop will provide you with a harvest big enough to pickle, and enjoy raw and cooked for months.


Use these tips to grow and harvest a successful crop of radishes for your kitchen table this year.


Sow Radishes from Seed

Radish transplants are almost impossible to find, and are better grown from seed anyway. Because the radish plant grows underground, it is very important the soil is well worked with little to no garden debris in the form of rocks, turf or wood to impede growth. The very top inch and a half of soil should be new, or tilled till it is super fine and almost sandlike. Sow seeds half an inch deep, in a raised hill.


Best Times to Grow

Radishes are best grown early spring, late summer, in the fall if you live in a warmer climate or throughout summer if your garden is in zones 1-5. The plant prefers cool soil to warm soil and the best flavor is gained when the plants are grown in milder temperatures.


How to Grow

Rather than packing a bunch of radishes into the garden at the same time, they are best grown as companion plants to peas, and other plants that grow vertical without blocking out a lot of the sunlight. It is also best to just plant a few at a time, and then stagger their addition to the garden so that you always have a crop ready for harvesting, without being overwhelmed by the overall crop.


Pest Prevention

Because the edible portion of the radish grows below the surface of the soil, it is important to prevent burrowing pests that will eat their way through a significant portion of your harvest. Regularly disrupt the soil around the radishes to ensure that nothing is nesting in the soil, remove what you do find and create hills to prevent as many pests as possible.



Your crop should be ready to pull in four to six weeks, when the leafy greens are full grown and you can see the bright red radish skin. Radishes will be the size of an egg and slightly bigger. If they are left in the soil too long they will begin splitting and grow inedible, so even if you don’t think you can use them up right away, harvest and store.

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Tips for Growing Beets


Beets are a great summer root vegetable that can be used in different ways, and used throughout the fall and winter months if stored or preserved properly. Growing beets gives you both root and leafy greens to add to your diet, and they are easy enough for children to lend a hand. With so many different types of beets available to the home gardener, you just need to decide on one type that you prefer and get growing.

Use these tips for growing beets that you can use in salads, for food coloring, and enjoy the leafy greens well into winter.

Choosing a Variety
There are several different reasons for growing beets, the most common being for table beets that are sweet, red and crisp. If you want the same taste and crisp from beets, but are intrigued by the different colors that beets come in, you can try growing white, yellow and orange varieties. If you like the leaves, which make great salad additions, there are certain varieties that taste better than others. Once you know for what reason you want to grow beets for, you can look through the different varieties for characteristics that match what you are after.

When to Plant
Most beets have the same basic growing needs and preferences, and in general they prefer being grown in cooler climates. Early spring and early fall are the best times to sow the seeds that you have selected. Plant in intervals about two weeks apart to ensure that you always have beet plants growing even if all the initial seedlings do not prosper.

Seeds Or Transplants
Beet transplants are actually not that common in nurseries, so beet seeds might be your only option. Seeds give you a lot more variety though, so you are able to grow more of what you want rather than finding yourself limited to one or two types. Most beet seeds are provided in the form of pelleted packets or a seeded mixture for spreading, because beet seeds are so tiny.

Soil Preparation
Because beet seeds are so small, it is important that you plant them in very well tilled soil that has been sifted and resifted. You only need to plant the seeds about an inch deep and cover them lightly with soil. Soil should be conditioned with organic material that is well composted so that it is not too dense. Soil should be kept moist, but never allowed to get soggy or retain water, so make sure the garden bed is able to drain water well.

Harvesting Your Crop
Harvesting beets and beet greens happens at different times of the growing season. Greens can be picked whenever they are wanted, and large enough to pluck. Do not remove all the greens from a single plant, but pull a couple from each because the beet plant still needs to be able to provide for the root. The root is ready to be pulled out of the ground when it is at least an inch in diameter and nicely rounded. Use a small shovel to loosen the soil around the root and pull straight up out of the ground.

Calorie Killer Yoga Now Available at


Want to shed weight while becoming toned and at the same time develop better balance and elasticity?

Aclaimed Yoga instructor, Colleen Saidman has created this amazing Calorie Killer Yoga that provides mental and physical strength in a quick workout that can be done daily if wanted. The great thing about this DVD is that it actually torches calories as if you were doing a cardio session! For me it has been a great alternative to cardio since I often have trouble keeping up with the instructor during a regular cardio session.

Yoga has long been a favorite for women seeking better health while not over doing it with workouts. Yoga is a great way for women to achieve better balance but not many women think of it when it comes to trying to shed fat. The truth is Yoga is a great way to lose weight for those that cannot go to a gym or do hardcore physical activity.

I like to do Yoga because it helps me increase my sense of balance. I have always been off balance, and lately it has gotten worse. So worse in fact that if I stand on one foot I could very well fall over. Yoga has been the one thing that has really helped me become more balanced because it strengthens my core. I find that when I do Yoga I am also more flexible so I am actually able to stretch deeper.

You also might not realize it but Yoga is excellent for weight loss. It helps reset your metabolism, creates a sense of calmness within and is easy going on the body. Often you will find that even though you aren’t able to lift weights of run on a treadmill that you are able to do Yoga and meditation just fine. This is because Yoga is not hard on the body. It is a great way to get in shape if you have limitations on what you can do.

You can get this DVD at, and right now they are having a huge 70% off sale!

Zulily Back to School Sale

This week Zulily has a huge back to school event you won’t want to miss. I have mapped out all the fantastic deals below but they will sell out fast, they always do. So you will need to act fast when each event opens.

Tuesday, July 15th

Jelly the Pug specializes in sweetness. This mom-created brand delights in vibrant colors and whimsical prints, creating clothing as unique as your one-of-a-kind girl.


Give up Refined Sugar for Good



Removing sugar from your diet is one of the best things you can do for your body and your health,

but it also happens to be one of the hardest dietary changes most people face. Sugar is in most

processed foods, even the ones that we don’t suspect of containing sugar, so depending on

your eating and shopping habits, it might be a lot easier or harder to replace food. Like other

vices, sugar, is best removed from your diet at a slow pace rather than all at once. Use these tips to keep your sanity while giving up sugar and ensure that you give it up for the long haul.


Start With the Easiest Sources


 Most people do not realize just how much sugar they are consuming and grab at whatever tastes the best. It turns out that the things that taste the best to us are those products and 

drinks that are packed with sugar. Rather than diving head in and trying to remove all sources of

sugar, go for the easiest, most obvious sources of sugar that you are consuming. Remove fizzy

drinks and those sugar packed treats that are most obvious.

Replace Refined Foods

 …continue reading

Beachbody Focus T25 Review

No Time to Workout

I Just Found Some For You

That’s Focus T25 for you.

All you need is 25 minutes a day to have the body of your dreams.

If you work hard, stay consistent, and stay conscious of what you are eating you will see results.

The results will come quick. You will see your body shrink, muscles will appear and if you’ve got excessive fat you will notice it melt off fast.


My Review

I received Focus T25 quickly. It came in a small sized box so at first I thought the system probably wasn’t going to have that much to it but I was wrong. That small package packs a LOT of punch. There’s a lot of goodies in this kit, making it a great at home workout system.

So far I’ve done a couple workouts and I was able to complete them with minimal breaks. They aren’t easy workouts and I am a big girl so it is hard for me but I never quit. I was able to finish them when I had absolutely no faith I could. My only regret is I chose to do the workouts at night and it was hard for me to sleep afterwards because the workouts get your energy flowing. I was energized after the workout for several hours. So definitely  don’t do these workouts too close to bed or you might be awake all night counting sheep.

Focus T25 is focus interval training. It designed to give you a great workout in a short time. Studies have shown that you really don’t get any extra benefit from doing an hour long workout. As long as your workout is getting your heart rate up to burn fat you can get away with 30 minutes and be done! Focus T25 is 25 minutes plus a 5 minute cool down. That’s it! you have time for it. If I can do it then so can you.

What Will You Receive in Focus T25

You will receive a total of 10 DVDs

Quick start quide

a nutrition plan

Alpha-Beta Calendar detailing 30 days of workouts

Bonus gifts

stretch workout DVD, resistance band,  5 day fast track, and 24/7 online support

you can purchase Focus T25 here

Hiking for Fitness

Trail hiking to increase your fitness and health is all about getting outside to enjoy nature while

working off calories and building muscle without any of it feeling like work. The best ways to get

fit are ways that help you reduce the level of stress in your life, lead to enjoyable activity and

have you coming back for more. Unlike walking or jogging for fitness, trail hiking is done with the

distinction of being out in nature, on slightly rougher terrain and in a space that allows you to get

away from it all– physically and mentally.

trail hiking


To help you get started trail hiking for your fitness, use these tips to help you burn more

calories, challenge yourself and increase your overall health.…continue reading

Growing a Lemon Scented Garden

A highly fragrant garden doesn’t just happen by accident, but involves careful planning and

plant selection by the gardener. Citrus scented plants add an uplifting element to any garden,

even just a couple citrus scented plants can change the entire scent experience of a garden.

Try adding all, or just a couple, of these lemon scented plants to your garden for the ultimate

fragrance all summer long.

lemon garden

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena is one of the most popular citrus herbs because it is easy to grow, commonly

found in nurseries and is especially fragrant. As an herb it can be added to just about any

garden bed, though it prefers poor, well drained soil. Add lemon verbena to containers or the

middle of garden beds where it will grow to be at least a foot tall. Besides enjoying the scent of

this herb outside, it is a great addition to homemade cleaning products and dried fragrance for

the home.…continue reading

12 Patriotic Desserts Your Guests Will Love

4th of july desserts

The July 4th holiday is fast approaching. Family and friends will be getting together. What better way to celebrate the festivities then by making some red, white, and blue desserts! Here are 12 patriotic recipes for you to try!

  1. Summer Pi- The Love Nerds
  2. Virtual Birthday Party- Cooking on the Front Burners
  3. Patriotic Yogurt Pops- Cooking on the Front Burners
  4. Red, White and Blue Firecrackers- Just the 4 of Us Blog
  5. Classic White Cupcakes- Leave No Leftovers
  6. Mixed Berry Drop Cakes- The Baking Fairy
  7. Oh Sweet Patriotism-Our Mini Family
  8. Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake- Everyday Savvy
  9. No Cook Cheesecake- We Know Stuff
  10. Red, White and Blue Dessert Recipe- Saving Said Simply
  11. Red, White and Blue Cookies-Oh My Sugar High
  12. Very Berry Trifle- Saving with Shellie

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